From Fortune 500 clients to startups and non-profits, Aggelos has helped a variety of customers bring life to their great ideas. Regardless of size, success follows a path from idea to execution. Aggelos will help you take that journey, and guide you through the careful twists and turns of strategy and messaging, that often separate the doers from the dreamers.




I have had the distinct honor and pleasure to work with Doug on two seperate occasions. He is probably the smartest person I’ve ever worked with and he humbly shares his knowledge with everyone. Doug is a master at building business relationships by providing mutual value and creating win/win outcomes. He understands deeply the drivers that fuel effective audience marketing to achieve large scale meaningful reach. Doug is a tremendous asset to any team, project or company. I highly recommend him for successfully accomplishing any challenge set before him. Kim Matlock

VP of Marketing, Hard Rock Café

I really can’t say enough about Doug. I worked with him over many years on many different customer projects, speaking events, and other initiatives. Doug is very detail oriented, thoughtful, steady, smart as a whip, and of the highest integrity. Can’t recommend him more highly. Todd Fine

CEO, Wintellect, LLC

My company has worked with Doug on several projects over a period of years and he is a terrific technologist and highly effective manager. I’ve always been impressed with Doug’s communication skills and his ability to motivate team members to produce high quality work. I give Doug my highest recommendation. Mark Dunn

Consultant, Alabama Department of Public Health

I worked with Doug on several joint initiatives at MSFT. He is smart, creative, and a dedicated co-worker who is always looking for the “right thing” to do for customers and partners. I can’t recommend Doug enough and would gladly work with him again! Steve Busby

Internet of Things Technology Specialist, Microsoft

You want smart. You want Doug. You want dedicated. You want Doug. Bottom line, Doug’s been a great professional associate and friend for more than ten years. I’ve watched him take technical content and distill it down into a great story. However, what impressed me more was how he went to Microsoft, worked with customers and partners to touch hundreds of thousands of people globally and make their lives better. You want Doug. Brian Randell

Partner, Partner at MCW Technologies

Doug has an uncanny ability to take simple ideas and turn them into highly intelligent, robust solutions, AND at the same time, take complex concepts and masterfully simplify them for maximum optimization. Doug served as an Adviser to my People Development Company and he was as refreshing and clarifying as hitting the reboot button on your computer! Andy Christiansen, PCC

Founding Partner, Capacity7

It doesn’t matter what project Doug engages with he will seamlessly execute at the highest quality of expertise. Doug will be passionately engaged with honesty and a deep desire to succeed. Jeff Turley

Founder / CEO,

Aggelos is Greek for messenger. We founded Aggelos in 1999 with the mission of helping people find clarity around whatever they want to do. We’ve helped some of the largest customers in the world, all the way down to startups. From Fortune 500s to individual non-profits, everyone has a vision for what they want to do. We simply want to help you do what you do… better.

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