Doug Turnure - Doug has been involved in technical content and messaging for over 20 years, with a wide range of experience including authoring technical multiple articles and books, public speaking, teaching and writing technical courseware, technical evangelism, content strategy, mentoring/coaching, and audience marketing. Doug was the originator of .NET University, and led the world-wide technical audience content strategy for Microsoft’s field of 1200 consultants and evangelists. Doug ran feedback and early adoption for the Visual Studio, the largest developer tool in the world, and wrote the developer evangelism orientation courseware for Microsoft.

Over the years, Doug has continued to study and hone his skills around effective content strategy, business positioning, and messaging clarity. He originally opened Aggelos (which means messenger) in 1999 as a content-first consulting company. Today Aggelos is focused on teaching people to deliver messages more effectively, and helping visionary leaders bring their big ideas to life.

You can read Doug's full bio for more information.

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