Build and Launch Your Great Idea

Before Launching Your Great Idea…

Build a Solid Plan and a Clear Message.

Your Strategy Matters.

Great businesses almost always begin with great ideas. But great ideas often fail to result in great businesses. Why? Many times, people are so focused on the goal that they speed through the planning. They charge ahead with the idea, but without the infrastructure and support system necessary. Just as a building needs a foundation, your big idea needs a plan. Aggelos can help you work through the key elements that make great ideas turn into great businesses.

Your Messaging Matters.

Again, great businesses almost always begin with great ideas, but great ideas often fail to result in great businesses. Another reason this happens is the inability to communicate the big idea. The value of your vision is fundamentally limited to your ability to effectively transfer the idea to others. Customers often need guidance on their journey to your vision. Aggelos is in the business of clarifying the way you communicate your big ideas.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw

Our Core Services

We offer a variety of services, all around helping you build a strategy and message around your big ideas. From clarifying the core mission, all the way through delivering a clear message, Aggelos can help you do what you do…better. These services include:

Business Strategy

Prepare for success


Effective Messaging

Have the right conversations

Content Strategy

Know where, when, and how to deliver your messages

Speaker Coaching

Make communication more compelling


Learning Evaluation

Gauge the effectiveness of your message transfer

Impactful Evangelism

Draw people to your ideas


Aggelos is Greek for messenger. We founded Aggelos in 1999 with the mission of helping people find clarity around whatever they want to do. We’ve helped some of the largest customers in the world, all the way down to startups. From Fortune 500s to individual non-profits, everyone has a vision for what they want to do. We simply want to help you do what you do… better.

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